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Welcome to the new NNT Modell + Buch Webshop.

Watch our offer in a modern surrounding. There will be more product pictures, which are still being added at the moment. The input of data for the new product filter will be completetd successively, too.
The availability of products is shown by the colours of a traffic light. A green dot shows there is a good number of this product available. Yellow means there are only few items in stock. Red shows it is out of stock. You may order it nevertheless and we will try to get it for you as quick as possible. Please note that it can happen that the product is no longer available or its price has changed. We will inform you about this then.
If you happen to notice an error on the webpage please be so kind to inform us about it. The reduction of mistakes will help everybody.
Special offers:
This section will contain products at reduced prices as well as second-hand items.
You may start your search by entering a word. Or you navigate through the categories. A third way is to use the filter on the left side to narrow the results. This function is not yet fully operational. The input of data is still in process.
Service / Information:
The field at the bottom of the page shows you more under: Service und Information. Here you can send me an email, open an account for the shop or subscribe to the newsletter.
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